Future Mobility

When it came to selecting an electric Bike to include in our inventory, we had some stringent criteria to meet;

As with all our products, we have the South African Market in mind, and our primary objective; to offer SOLUTIONS specific to this region;

We questioned; how to solve a transport problem, ; how can we offer an affordable solution to the general public as to not just be a leisure experience, but a tool to commute, offering an alternative to public transport, reducing carbon emissions, all while being reliable, affordable, and easily maintained.

Our flagship Models the SN-100 and SF-20 tick all the boxes and more.



ACTIVE TECH is FUTURE MOBILITY’S Specialised E-bike Rental, Service ans Support Company.

  • South Africa Distributor of VTUVIA E-bikes
  • Product Experts
  • We personally support our clients with Maintenance, Service, Parts, Customisations and New Product Imports

Attract NEW Golfers and, Diversify Revenue Streams

  • Great alternative to a cart, or walking, adding fun and freedom.
  • A first time experience for many.
  • Getting fit? You choose your desired degree ofeffort, from 0 (no assist) to 5 (full assist).
  • The Bike allows each golfer to proceed directlyto their ball, adding speed, fun and the freedom to complete 18 holes in just over 2 hours. 
  • The 750 W motor and the48 V lithium battery offers plenty of power to help you climb inclines with ease.
  • Ranges of40-70 km on a single charge = more rounds and no chance of running flat in a day.
  • Less energy consumption, fast charge time, faster play, low maintenance costs, and less turf impact. These factors contribute to revenue, and customer satisfaction.
  • Improve the pace of play – increase rentals.
  • Distance can be measured by using the digital range on the display.

Designed to Play Golf in Style

THE SF-20 GOLF MOD Features:

– Wide Turf-Friendly Tyres, (low to zero, impact on the field).
– Extended mud guards.
– Golf Bag Holder which doubles up as an effortless Kick Stand.
– Universal Cell phone Holder.
– Drinks Holder.
– Front Suspension (For an extra smooth ride).
– Oversized Seat